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About Home Insurance Quotes

Factors that Impact Your Homeowners Insurance Quote

  • About Your Home Insurance Quote

    How does Liberty Mutual determine your home insurance quote? Like most home insurance providers, we look at a number of factors when determining home insurance rates. Here are some of the most important.

    Your Home's Age - They don't build them like they used to. If you have an older home, the materials used to build it may now be more expensive to replace, or not even available. Your home insurance quote will take into account age and condition of key components such as the roof, furnace, electrical and plumbing systems.

    Your Address - Where you live will influence your home insurance quote. Certain areas that are more affected by weather and other factors tend to produce more claims, causing home insurance rates to be higher. This means that you may pay higher premiums if, for example, you live near a large body of water, or in a neighborhood prone to brush fires or mud slides. Repair and construction costs also vary by region, another factor in your home insurance quote.

    Safety and Security - Having dead bolt locks, a burglar alarm, smoke detectors and other home safety features will all help you save money on your home insurance quote.

    Understanding these factors and ways to qualify for Home Insurance Discounts will help you save money on your home insurance quote.

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