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Tools & Resources

Liberty Mutual Helps Keep You Well Informed and Safer

  • Identity Theft Protection

    Identity Theft Protection
    Becoming a victim of identity fraud can require hundreds of hours and dollars to correct. That’s why we offer Identity Fraud Expense Coverage, which can be added to your Homeowners policy.
  • Home Insurance State List

    Home Insurance State List
    Each state has specific insurance regulations, and available coverages and benefits may vary based on where you live. We’ll map out the specifics for you.
  • Home Insurance Coverage Calculator

    Home Insurance Coverage Calculator
    What types of coverage do you need for your home and belongings and how much should you have? Our calculator can help you get started.

  • Fire Safety

    Home Fire Prevention
    Our interactive fire safety website offers a variety of great resources for parents, kids, teachers and fire fighters.
  • Water Damage Prevention

    Preventing Water Damage
    Frozen pipes, faulty appliances, ice dams; we'll explain how to keep your home dry and safe from a number of common water hazards.