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More Doing - Maintenance & Solutions

  • How to check tire pressure

    CarSmart Tip: Checking Your Tires (October 2013)
    Protect your family by checking your tire pressure regularly. Here's how.
  • 3 Steps to a Digitally Archived Home

    3 Steps to a Digitally Archived Home (June 2013)
    After a storm or burglary, it's difficult to remember and list your damaged and lost possessions. To help you prepare for the unexpected, use this helpful guide to take an inventory, archive your belongings with digital photographs and download an app that makes it easy.
  • Tips for Painting Your Home

    Beyond the Basics: Tips for Painting Your Home (June 2013)
    When preparing to paint your home, you've got important decisions to make. Take these key factors into account before hitting the color charts to help improve your outcome, outdoors or in.
  • Tips for Tornado & Hurricane Season

    Bracing for Impact: 7 Tips to Prepare for Tornado and Hurricane Season (June 2013)
    If you live in an area visited by tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes, protect your family and property by preparing. Here is a guide to planning for potential disasters with tips on supplies, safety and evacuation.