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Auto Insurance Rates

What's Behind Auto Insurance Rates?

  • Auto Insurance Rates Causes

    Liberty Mutual looks at a number of factors when determining auto insurance rates. We work hard to provide you with the right amount of coverage for you, at the best price.

    Here are some of the top "drivers" of auto insurance rates:

    1. People Have Accidents - over 40 million accidents in the world each year.
    2. Cars are Expensive to Repair - replacement parts alone cost about 3 times as much as purchasing the same car new.*
    3. Medical Treatment for Accident Victims is Expensive - rising health care costs in the U.S. mean upward trends in medical treatment costs in the event of an accident.**
    4. People Steal Cars - as auto theft continues to rise, so will auto insurance costs.
    5. Some People File Fraudulent or Inflated Claims - these people believe an accident is an opportunity to make money.

    Learn More about what determines our auto insurance rates, and how we're working hard to control costs.

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    *Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCIAA) 2002 study using a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport vehicle.

    **U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics