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Accident Kit

Liberty Mutual's Accident Documentation Kit

  • Liberty Mutual Teen Driving

    An important part of what you should do in case of an accident is accurately documenting what has happened. Unfortunately, accidents happen. But Liberty Mutual's Accident Documentation Kit can help you or your teen properly respond and document the accident and accident scene.

    Our Accident Documentation Kit fits neatly in your car's glove compartment and can assist you in staying safe, getting help, and recording accident details.

    Accident Documentation Kit contents:


    Disposable Camera
    Complete with flash, this 27- exposure camera will help you record accident details.

    For improved visibility at night or in bad weather. (Batteries included.)

    Use as a light source or as a warning signal.

    Pen & Personal Information Sheet
    A place to list all of your insurance information and personal details.

    Exchange Information Cards & Witness Cards
    Collect license plate numbers, insurance details and other information from all the automobiles, drivers and witnesses involved.

    Carrying Pouch
    Store your kit easily in your trunk or glove compartment.

    Purchase Accident Kit
    $9.95 (+$2.95 for Shipping & Handling)