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Car Safety Ratings

Helping You Make the Smartest, Safest Choices

  • Liberty Mutual Teen Driving: car safety ratings

    Whether you're looking for a car for yourself or your teen driver one thing is for sure: when your teenager starts driving you want them to be as safe as possible. When searching for a new car, you can learn a lot from a car's rate of injury and theft, as well as the relative cost of repair. But doing that research on every make and model can be tedious and time-consuming. With that in mind, each year Liberty Mutual publishes data from the Highway Loss Data Institute, helping you make an informed choice about the vehicles you're considering for either yourself or your teen driver.

    Use our list of safety ratings to make the smartest, safest choice. Liberty Mutual's Car Safety Ratings will enable you to find a vehicle that's less likely to be severely damaged in a collision. And - most importantly - one that has the lowest likelihood of driver and passenger injury.

    Download a copy of Liberty Mutual's Car Safety Ratings (PDF)