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Refresher Course for Parents

Re-Learning the Basics

  • Liberty Mutual Teen Driving: teen driver

    If you're the parent of a teen driver, chances are it's been a while since you learned to drive. Even so, you should think of yourself as your teen's driving role model, providing essential guidance and demonstration, as your teen prepares for their drivers license exam. Are you ready to answer your teen driver's questions? Are you familiar with the materials and instruction that your teen will be using? Do you know how to operate the latest car technology and features?

    Here are some tips for getting up to date on the rules of the road so you can help set them for your teen driver.

    • Consult your state motor vehicle department website for the latest instructional materials and related information State Driver's Manuals
    • Driving schools in your area may offer refresher courses for adults of all ages - even an hour with a licensed instructor can help sharpen your driving knowledge and skills
    • Review the materials your teen driver is provided for drivers ed - you may be surprised at what you'll re-learn
    • Explore the tips for teen drivers we provide in the Driving Lessons section

    All these sources will be helpful as you start your teen driver on the road to responsible driving.