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Teen Driving Laws

Every State Has Different Teen Driving Laws: Know Before You Go

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    While obtaining a driver's license is an almost universal rite of passage in the United States, the experience does vary by state. Each state has different teen driving laws regulating at what age, and under what restrictions, teens can begin driving.

    Inexperience is a leading factor in traffic crashes involving new drivers, which is why 49 states and the District of Columbia have implemented graduated licensing (GDL) programs. These programs require teens to move through three phases of licensing, with certain driving restrictions tied to each distinct phase. These teen driving laws address restrictions such as nighttime driving, teenage passengers, seat belts and more.

    Since teen driving laws can vary so dramatically by state (for example, in North Dakota a teen can get their learner's permit at 14, while in Indiana the age varies depending on whether a teen is taking drivers education), it is important to become familiar with your state's teen driving laws well before embarking on the exciting journey ahead of you.

    Teen Driving Laws by State