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Starting Out

The Teen Driving Process Starts Earlier Than You Think

The process of getting a license starts well before a teenager takes his or her driving test. In fact, most teens are absorbing their parents, friends and family members driving habits very early on. So how do you get ready for this major life milestone that can be equal parts exciting and stressful? The answer is simple: preparation.

  • Set a Good Example

    Set a Good Example
    Speeding isn't a good idea for any driver - experienced or new. But teen drivers will pick up your bad habits, whether they realize it or not.

  • Start With the Basics

    Start with the Basics
    The basic rules of the road become second nature - over time. But for teen drivers everything is new.

  • Learn as Much as Possible

    Online Driving Course
    Liberty Mutual Insurance has partnered with Adept Driver to offer their proven teenSMART driving program to you at a reduced cost. This online driving course uses realistic driving simulations proven to improve teen driving skills.

  • Know Your State Laws

    Know Your State Laws
    Each state has different age requirements, drivers education guidelines and graduated licensing laws. Find out the laws governing teen drivers in your state.