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Catastrophe Center

Liberty Mutual is there for you before, during and after catastrophe strikes.

Protect yourself, your family and your property from catastrophes before they happen. Get useful information on how to prepare for earthquakes, winter storms and more.

evacuation sign during a catastrophe
Creating an Evacuation Plan
When a catastrophe strikes, your home or the surrounding area may not be safe to live in. Having an evacuation plan in place is critical.

catastrophe preparation checklist
Creating a Household Safety Kit
Being prepared for an emergency means having the right supplies and materials available at a moment's notice. Here's how to make sure you have everything you might need.

contractor repairing catastrophe damage
Earthquake Preparation
Because earthquakes strike without warning, the best time to take safety precautions is now. We explain preventive measures, including securing the structural elements of your home.

catastrophic water damage
Preventing Water Damage
Whether from a flood, frozen pipes or ice dams, water damage can be devastating. These simple preventive measures can help you avoid big repair bills as well as save time and trouble later.

thunder, lightning, and hail storm
Thunder, Lightning and Hail
Take simple precautionary steps to help minimize property damage and protect yourself from severe storms.

heavy snowfall during a winter storm
Winter Storm Preparation
Winter storms require unique precautions to ensure the safety of your family. Learn more about steps to take before, during and after a storm to help keep you and your family safe.