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After the Hurricane

  • Knowing what to do after a hurricane passes is just as important as everything you've done to prepare. Whether you have stayed at home or are returning after evacuating, consider the following.

    Be Sure the Storm Is Over

    The sudden clearing of the weather might not mean the hurricane is over; the eye of the storm may simply be passing over you. Before emerging from your home or storm shelter or returning to your home, listen to official instructions from local authorities.

    Proceed With Caution

    Once the hurricane has passed, it is important to remain near your property, since there may be downed power lines and other dangers in the area.

    Check Your Home

    • Check for gas leaks, then ensure that electrical, water and sewage systems are functioning.
    • As a precaution, boil any tap water you intend to use in order to eliminate any harmful bacteria.
    • Assess any damages your home has suffered.
    • In the event of lost power, do not turn on your power breakers until after power has been restored.
    • Once power has been restored, in order to prevent the risk of fire it is crucial that you monitor its performance both by sight and smell.
    • If you see any sparks or smell anything burning, immediately shut off your power supply and get professional assistance.