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Tornado Warning Signs

  • Being prepared for tornadoes is all the more critical because they often strike suddenly and with no warning.

    Along with preparing your property, it's important to learn the natural signs of a tornado and discuss with your family what to do in the event of an emergency.

    Make sure you and your family know the warning signs of a tornado, which include:

    • An unusual greenish or black color in the sky
    • Hail or heavy rain followed by either dead calm or a fast, intense wind shift
    • A visible funnel cloud that has not yet touched the ground
    • A loud, continuous rumble that does not fade after a few seconds, as does thunder
    • A sound like a waterfall, freight train or jet
    If a tornado watch is in effect, pay close attention to radio and television reports from the National Weather Service. Be prepared to move to your storm-safe room. If a tornado warning is issued or if a tornado has touched down near you, take immediate action to ensure your safety and the safety your family.