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After a Tornado

  • Tornadoes usually come and go very quickly-in as little as a few minutes. The damage they leave in their wake depends on the location, population density and funnel size.

    In the immediate aftermath of a tornado, it is important to quickly and calmly assess the situation.

    First check for injuries, and do not attempt to move a seriously injured person unless he or she is in immediate physical danger. Once everyone's health and safety are accounted for, it is important to check your surroundings for potential dangers.

    General Precautions:

    • Follow your evacuation plan as needed.
    • Immediately clean spilled materials such as medicine or potentially harmful materials.
    • Reserve mobile phone use for emergency calls only.
    • Listen to the radio and TV for updates from local authorities.
    • If the power is off, plan meals by first using foods that spoil quickly.
    • Look out for shattered glass.
    • Use outdoor charcoal grills for emergency cooking.
    Utility Precautions:

    • Check gas, electric and water lines. If you smell gas or see a break in the line, shut off the main valve immediately.
    • Do not operate electrical switches or appliances.
    • Report all damages to your utility company.