Critical Illness Insurance

Help as you face the unexpected.

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If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, focusing on recovery should be your number one priority. But even with comprehensive medical insurance, you could still encounter financial challenges. If you have a lengthy recovery period and are out of work, could you maintain your standard of living and keep up with unexpected expenses?

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Get the Financial Support You Need

Our critical illness insurance can help you manage some of your expenses by paying a lump-sum cash payment to you if you are diagnosed with a covered illness or procedure after the waiting period. You decide how to use your lump-sum cash payment, including assistance with:

      • Out-of-pocket medical costs, such as deductibles and copays, that comprehensive medical insurance may not cover.
      • Unexpected recovery costs, like as extra-childcare, rehab, or other assistance that you may need during your recovery.
      • Everyday costs, such as mortgage payments, groceries, and utility or credit card bills.
      • Anywhere else financial support is needed.

We offer coverage for the following five critical illnesses and procedures:

      • Cancer
      • Coronary artery bypass surgery
      • Heart attack
      • Organ transplant
      • Stroke

With our critical illness insurance, you can focus more on healing and less on expenses.

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Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston issues Critical Illness Insurance on policy forms ICI-P15 as applicable and state variations identified by state code. Critical illness insurance for qualifying diagnoses of critical illness or of need for critical illness procedures is not a substitute for major medical insurance. Payment of benefits is subject to pre-existing conditions, benefit waiting periods, and all policy terms and conditions. Product design and availability vary by state. Features and benefits may vary based on state approval. This policy provides limited benefits, and is subject to lifetime and other maximum benefit limitations, and to reduction in benefit amounts on and after certain ages. Home office: Boston, Mass. Service center: Dover, N.H.