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What should I do after a loss?

Protecting yourself and others should be your first priority. Always be careful before entering a damaged building. If your property has sustained serious structural damage or if there are any doubts about its safety, contact local government officials to determine the status of your home before entering.

If possible protect the property from further damage.

Report downed power lines or gas leaks to the utility company and stay away from power lines.

Keep electricity turned off if there is standing water in the house.

Never touch electrical components while standing in water. If your safety appears at risk, leave the premises immediately.

Retain copies of any receipts or expenses related to your claim.

Do I need to obtain repair estimates?

In most cases, you will not need to obtain a written repair estimate. Liberty Mutual will provide a detailed estimate of the damage. If necessary, a Property Loss Specialist will arrange a time at your convenience to visit your home and view the damages.

For your convenience, you can select a contractor from our network of approved contractors. The Contractor Network Referral Program provides a licensed and bonded contractor whose workmanship is guaranteed by us for one year. If you prefer, you can use a contractor of your choice.

Here are some things to consider when selecting your contractor:

1. Do not sign any forms prior to obtaining and agreeing to what is to be done.
2. Ask for an itemized estimate with pricing.
3. Ask them if they are insured and bonded.
4. Use licensed contractors if the state you are in regulates them.
5. Ask for referrals from your local building department and Better Business Bureau.
6. Ask for 3 or more references.
7. Ask for a written guarantee or warranty.
8. Ask about experience of the contractor.
9. Who will be responsible to pull building permits?

What is my deductible?

A deductible is the amount of loss you agree to pay yourself when you buy a policy. The coverage limits and deductible may be found on the first page of your Liberty Mutual Policy.

How will my contents (personal property) claim be processed?

To process a claim for your personal property, a detailed list of items that were damaged or lost as a result of the incident will need to be submitted. You can enter a list of items using our online home inventory tool, which is accessible through eService. You can also upload documents and receipts to help supplement your active claim while it is processed. In order to assist us with properly identifying and pricing your property, it will be helpful if you can supply any of the following, if available, for each item:

  • Brand/Manufacturer's name
  • Model/Serial number
  • Description of item
  • Age of item
  • Value or replacement costs
  • Any evidence that supports your ownership of the item, such as receipts or photographs

If you are not able to compile all the above information, please use your best effort to provide as much information as is reasonably possible.

If the cause of loss or damage to your property was the result of burglary, theft, or a malicious act, you will need to report the loss to the police.

All damaged items you are making a claim for should be retained until an agreement is reached or you are instructed by your adjuster to discard the damaged items.

When can I expect someone to come to my home?

If necessary, a Property Loss Specialist will arrange a time at your convenience to visit your home and view the damage.

How long do I have to keep damaged items?

You should keep your damaged property until your Property Loss Specialist has visited your home or given you instructions to discard.

If I have water damage to my home, what should I do?

Your safety is our main concern, so never enter standing water to access a breaker box to turn off the power or any area where live electrical service is exposed to water. Have the source of the water turned off and repaired to avoid further damage to your property. If possible, move any furniture, draperies or other personal property to a dry area or elevate out of the water, and use fans to begin drying. Keep your receipts for any service or repairs. Your Claim Handler will offer you further information on emergency services and water extraction procedures.

Will Liberty Mutual help me replace damaged or lost personal property?

Your Claims Representative will offer you information on our personal property replacement program, which can offer direct home shipment or in-store pick up for replaced articles.

Using our online home inventory tool, which is accessible through eService, you can identify lost or damaged items in your home and upload documents and receipts to help supplement your active claim. We can help replace your lost or damaged items through our personal property replacement service.

If I cannot live in my house, will Liberty Mutual pay for me to stay in a hotel or rent an apartment?

If necessary, Liberty Mutual can assist you in locating temporary housing and offer you an advance payment for immediate assistance with clothing, meals or other additional living expenses. Your Claim Handler will advise you of your policy coverage for additional living expenses.

There were many homes damaged in a recent storm. How can Liberty Mutual respond to all of these losses without long delays?

Liberty Mutual has a Centralized Catastrophe Unit which is available to immediately respond to areas that have been impacted by storms. Additional personnel and equipment can be deployed to your area to ensure that each claim is resolved as quickly as possible.

If I have a loss that is not related to the storm, will my claim be delayed while larger losses get attention?

While offering emergency services to families whose homes may be unlivable will be a top priority, the responsiveness of our Centralized Catastrophe Unit and our local claims offices will enable us to respond to all claims with every resource available, both small and large.

How long will it take to process my claim?

Liberty Mutual is committed to making the claims process quick and convenient. We will contact you promptly to provide details about our claims handling and to arrange for any necessary inspections. Throughout the course of your claim, you'll receive status reports to keep you updated on our progress. The most important thing that you can do to help us resolve your claim quickly, is to complete and return required paperwork to us as soon as possible. If you have any questions throughout the process, please contact your Claim Handler.

How can I correct the property address on my claim?

If your property address is incorrect, please Contact Us.