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Registering for eService

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Where can I find my policy number so I can register for my eService account?

Your policy number can be found on any policy document, including bills and your policy declarations page. For auto policies, the number is also included on your auto insurance ID card. Register

What Information Do I Need to Register for Liberty Mutual's eService?

You will need your ZIP code and full name as it appears on your policy documents. You will also be asked to provide additional personal information, such as your date of birth and last four digits of your social security number. Register

Is my information secure and protected online?

The eService site uses "cookies" to guide you through the site. Cookies cannot read data from your hard disk, and are not used to store or transmit any personal information. If you disable cookies, you will not be able to access your policies through the eService site. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information. Register

You can help to be sure that your information remains secure by:

  • Not sharing your Username and password
  • Logging off of the site when you are done

Is Liberty Mutual's Online Service Always Available?

eService is typically available 24/7, but will periodically be unavailable as we make improvements to the site. Any website maintenance that is necessary will likely occur between 4:00AM and 6:00AM on Monday through Saturday or 2:00AM and 8:00AM on Sunday. All times listed are Eastern Time. Register

Who can access Liberty Mutual's Online Features?

You must be listed as a "named insured" on any auto or home insurance policy, or the "contract owner" or "payor" of any life insurance contract to access it on eService. While policyholders and contract owners will be able to view full policy details, payors of life contracts will not be able to view contract details.

Once policies are registered online (please be careful to enter policy information exactly as they appear on your policy documents), Liberty Mutual policyholders are the only ones who can use it to view their policies. Register

Can I view a policy online when I am not the policyholder?

For security reasons, only policyholders can view policies in eService. For auto and home insurance policies, this means you must be listed as a "named insured" on the policy. For life insurance contracts, this means you must be either the "contract owner" or "payor" of the contract.

What happens when I select Remember Username?

When you select the "Remember Username" check box, your username is encrypted and stored on the device you are currently using.

To remove your saved username, deselect the "Remember Username" check box and log in successfully. Your username will still be valid the next time you want to log in but it will not automatically display on that device.

Because "Remember Username" stores your username on the device you're using, you should not select this feature on shared or public devices.

Note: If your browser is set to automatically delete cookies, or if you manually delete the cookies from your device, then any username that has been previously saved will be removed from the username field.