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Getting A Home Quote

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How do I obtain a home quote online?

To begin your online quote, select home, renters, or condo insurance from the options here. We'll walk you through the quote process online and provide assistance along the way. You'll also receive a unique quote ID in order to retrieve your quote for up to 30 days.

How do I get the most accurate quote?

To start, it helps to review your existing home insurance policy for current coverages and deductibles. In most cases, we'll give you multiple quotes with a variety of coverages and deductibles so you can pick the policy and limits that work for you. You can also edit the home insurance quotes we provide to best meet your personal needs.

What information will I need to provide to get a home quote?

If you already have a policy and are comparing home insurance quotes, it helps to review your existing home insurance policy for current coverage, limits and deductible amounts. You may want to use your existing figures, or use our convenient Home Coverage Calculator. Either way, make sure your home insurance quotes compare similar amounts of coverage.

A key figure you'll need to provide is the estimated cost of replacing your house. This refers to the cost of replacing the structure (not counting land value) and is not the same as the current tax assessment or market value of your home. In addition, inflation and availability of materials can impact replacement cost.

How will I know I am getting the right home insurance coverages?

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance quotes are designed to capture the current value of your home based on the information you provide, including building materials and other factors. This helps you in obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for your home.

Can I purchase my policy online?

In most cases you can purchase your policy online at the same time you get your quote. You can also retrieve and purchase your quote for up to 30 days or Contact Us.

When purchasing online you'll have the opportunity to verify the information you provided during the online quote. Remember that the premium you select is based in part on the information you provide to us and may be adjusted based on verification of the information you provide with consumer agencies.

When should my new policy begin?

If you are replacing your current home insurance, it's critical that your new policy begins on the day your current policy expires. For example, if your current policy expires the 15th of the month, you should select the 15th as the start date for your new policy. If you are insuring a home for the first time, coverage should begin the day you become the owner of the property.