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Fire Safety and Prevention

Learn How to Keep Your Family and Home Safe From Fire

  • Be Fire Smart - Fire Safety

    Preventing a fire in your home isn't a matter of luck: it's a matter of preparation. Being aware of the fire hazards in your home, how to avoid them and what to do in case of an emergency can help keep you and your family safe.

  • Be Fire Smart - Home Hazards

    Home Hazards
    Prevention tips to help protect every room in your house against common fire risks.

  • Be Fire Smart - Plan a Fire Escape

    Plan a Fire Escape
    Create an effective fire escape plan for you and your family.

  • Be Fire Smart -  What to do in case of fire

    What To Do If There Is A Fire
    Keep these tips in mind so you and your family can safely escape if there is ever a fire in your home.

  • Be Fire Smart -  Smoke Alarms

    Smoke Alarms
    Learn the best places to put smoke alarms throughout your home so they can best protect you.

  • Be Fire Smart - Fire Extinguishers

    Fire Extinguishers
    Learn the proper way to use a fire extinguisher, as well as the best places to put them throughout your home.

  • Be Fire Smart - Heating Safety

    Home Heating Safety
    Heating devices can pose a significant fire risk if they are used improperly. Learn the best ways to use heating devices so you and your family can stay warm and safe during the winter.