Homeowners in South Carolina face many challenges throughout the year. In the summer, thunderstorms and hail can unexpectedly damage property while fall brings the dangers associated with hurricane season. In the mountains, winter can mean frozen pipes and snow. Liberty Mutual understands the needs of South Carolina homeowners, and offers customized Home Insurance coverage to fit your specific situation.

Looking for South Carolina Renters Insurance?

Liberty Mutual home insurance isn’t just for homeowners. We also offer Renters Insurance to South Carolina residents who are renting and need to be protected in the event that their personal property is damaged or stolen.

South Carolina Home Insurance Discounts

No matter where in South Carolina you live, Liberty Mutual rewards your responsible choices with Home Insurance discounts that could help you save money. As a proud member of the South Carolina community, we offer exclusive savings to members of various college alumni groups, employers and associations across the state, including the University of South Carolina and the South Carolina State Employees Association.

Did You Know?

  • Liberty Mutual opened its first South Carolina office in 1920.
  • Today Liberty Mutual employs more than 100 people across the state.

Get South Carolina Car Insurance & Save

Insuring both your car and your home with Liberty Mutual could qualify you for a multi-policy discount on your Home Insurance. Learn more about South Carolina Car Insurance.