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Dashawn Wingate

Wallingford, CT
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108 Leigus Rd, Ste 1200

Wallingford, CT 06492

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About me

  • Began career with Liberty Mutual Insurance in 2018
  • Graduated from Post University with a degree in Business Management
  • Serving clients in Wallingford, CT; New Haven, CT; Hamden, CT
  • Married
  • Active member of chamber of commerce and christian tabernacle
  • I enjoy getting to know my customers and their unique situation, needs and personal circumstances
  • I help my clients by providing the expert advice needed to make informed insurance decisions
  • I work personally with my clients to recommend coverage levels and options customized for each life-stage

Please contact me today to learn more about our complete coverage plans designed to protect you, your home, and your automobile.

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, North Carolina

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 starsStar FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar Filled
Dashawn went above and beyond to provide me with not only good service, but a great affordable monthly rate. If you are looking for insurance Dashawn is your guy!
Lesly Otero
October 25, 2021
4 out of 5 starsStar FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar Empty
Saved us a good amount of money researching insurance companies for our cars. Very professional, easy to talk to and NO PRESSURE! We'll be with DeShawn for as long as he'll have us.
jordan pearl
May 26, 2021
5 out of 5 starsStar FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar Filled
What I like about this business is the good quality, good value, professional and responsive of the agent. I met Dashawn by the grace of God. We met by a mutual friend of his. Once Dashawn got started with the questions he needed to ask me. He went right to work with me on the phone and the results were amazing, a true blessing 🙏. The previous insurance agent my husband and I had we were paying out a substantial amount for car insurance and we have been with that agent over 20 years. I look back at our car premiums through out those years and we have paid out a extra $20,000.00. Which could have been put towards our mortgage principal. We didn’t know to check with anyone else because our agent would always say he checked out the competitive insurances and what he wrote up was the best and affordable premium for us. We always thought he was looking out for our best interest. I found out that wasn’t true. Dashawn and I went over my previous Declaration page to my policy and compared it with his insurance, I saw my rate went from paying $7,368.00 for 3 automobiles, two with full coverage and one with liability coverage = $614.00 a month . Dashawn introduced my husband and me with a automobile policy for 2 cars full coverage, 1 with liability coverage = $3,302.00 a year divided by 12 month/= $275.16 a month. My savings for the year is $4,066.00. We now have extra funds to invest, put some aside for a vacation and put into our IRA accounts. Dashawn even offered us rental and life insurance which we didn’t have but really needed. Our rental insurance= $134.00 a year, paid in full. We each have life insurance coverage in the amount of $250,000.00. I was hesitant to ask if he could help out my kids, who have car policies in their names with 1 accidents on their records which stays for three year's. My son who’s 21 years old with one accident on his record, was originally paying $4,302.96 a year for full coverage. His original car insurance monthly payment is $358.58. Today Dashawn gave my son full coverage on his vehicle with a yearly premium of $2,640.00 that’s $220.00 a month and saving him $1,662.96 a year. My son also added on life insurance with his policy as well at $40.00 a month. His new insurance total is $260.00 a month for both premium. My daughter also benefited with her new car policy she’s paying $138.00 a month + her life insurance which is $40.00 month = $178.00. I am telling you this is truly a wonderful blessing. If you are in need of any of the services I have talked about or you feel your paying to much for car insurance, please get in touch with Dashawn Wingate you won’t be sorry you did. Sincerely, Wayne and Jackie
Michael and Jackie Show
July 23, 2021
5 out of 5 starsStar FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar Filled
Very polite and educational with all the questions I had. He was very thorough with explaining things to me and figuring out what's the best bundle for me! And the very best part he saved me alot of money from my previous insurance!!! 🙌
Jomaira Mateo
July 22, 2021
5 out of 5 starsStar FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar Filled
You ask and you shall receive. Tell Dashawn exactly what you need and he's going to go above and beyond. An agent that is sincere, understandable and friendly. He has superb listening and communication skills. He has a great support team behind him. He will definitely have you well on your way, knowing you have just received a star quality policy. Thanks Dashawn for your efforts and the multiple options that I could include to ensure my safety of my family and my car.
Bianca LaShaii
July 18, 2021

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