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Welcome to CarZen, your one-stop shop for car buying!

CarZen is the most personalized, easy to use car buying app on the market: just complete a quick lifestyle assessment and let CarZen's powerful search and recommendation algorithms help you find the cars you want to see faster than ever before. View stunning, high-resolution photos that put you in the driver's seat. Find the exact style to match you and your personality. In-depth, comprehensive information about every new car model on the market gives you the confidence that you are getting the right car to fit your lifestyle.

The Car Buying Experience, Now with Zen

Buying a car is usually a stressful experience. At CarZen, we know that no specific tweak or buzzworthy feature is going to take the stress out of car buying. The world needs a product built from the ground up to create a feeling of Zen, or inner peace, for car buyers. Finally, with CarZen, the world has that product.

Here's how CarZen gives you your Zen back:
  • Personalized Recommendations: Give CarZen the characteristics you're looking for, CarZen will find cars that match.
  • Quick Search: Search for car listings in your area by make, model, or body style and apply numerous filter choices to find listings you want to see.
  • Compare Trims: Compare details down to the trim-level of the cars you researched against each other and see how they stack up side-by-side.
  • Compare Listings: Compare actual saved car listings before you make a purchasing decision for maximum buyer confidence.
  • HD Browsing: The photos and videos on CarZen are all high resolution, professional, and full- screen enabled.
  • Easy Access to Information: In-depth information is provided in app - no more grappling with car manufacturer websites and Google searches.
  • Quick Quote: Tap the quote button on any car to find out how much your insurance will cost.
  • Portability: Built to be supported on Android, iPhone, and iPad, CarZen offers portability like never before.
  • Coming Soon on the Road Ahead: Used car listings, vehicle identification number (VIN) scanning, and other tools and guides to make car buying a breeze.
You do not need to have an auto policy with Liberty Mutual to use CarZen. If you are a Liberty Mutual customer, your insurance rates are in no way affected by your use of CarZen.

CarZen is now available for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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