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Liberty Mutual FuelIQ™ App

Liberty Mutual Fuel IQ App

Liberty Mutual Fuel IQ App


Liberty Mutual Fuel IQ App

Liberty Mutual FuelIQ is a simple and easy-to-use tool that helps you determine how fuel efficient your driving habits are. As you drive, the app can be set to automatically record your trip and then provide you with a fuel efficiency score ranging from 0 to 100 when you are finished. The more fuel efficient your driving is, the higher your score will be.

FuelIQ can also provide you with helpful fuel efficiency tips and suggest different methods to keep improving your FuelIQ score. As you change your driving behavior based on the suggestions, you can boost your FuelIQ score and save on fuel.

The features of Liberty Mutual FuelIQ include:

  • Measure the fuel efficiency of your driving style by using the GPS device within your phone
  • Keep a history of your best score, average score, and last five individual trips so you can compare your scores over time
  • Provide tips based on where you can improve the most
  • Allow you to view your trips on a map within the application
  • Easily contact Liberty Mutual with any questions you may have

iFuel efficiency tips

You do NOT have to have an auto insurance policy with Liberty Mutual to use FuelIQ. If you are a Liberty Mutual customer your score will NOT impact your insurance rate. Liberty Mutual will not collect your location information.

Begin measuring your fuel efficiency today with Liberty Mutual FuelIQ and you may be saving money on gas in no time.

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