Flexible Payment Deferred Annuities

Adjustable features for your changing needs

family protected by flexible payment annuities
If you are looking for guaranteed retirement income but don't have a large amount of accessible cash, a Freedom Series Flexible Payment Deferred Annuity (FPDA)1 from Liberty Life may be right for you. Here is a brief overview of an FPDA:

  • An FPDA is funded by periodic payments made annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly
  • You decide how often you want to make the payments
  • Because FPDA payments are made over time, each payment has its own associated interest rate
  • The growth on an FPDA is tax deferred
  • You decide the period of time over which you wish to receive payouts from the annuity
  • A $30 contract fee will be assessed after the fifth contract year if the account value is under $5,000
  • A Liberty Mutual agent can help you determine if an FPDA is right for you.

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1 Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston issues Liberty Life's Freedom Series Flexible Payment Deferred Annuity on policy form FPDA-200460 (FPDA 200460 NY in New York). Product availability and features may vary by state. Liberty Life's obligations under its life insurance contracts are guaranteed by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Home office: Boston, Mass. Service center: Dover, N.H.