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Bring transparency and choice back to your retirement plan.

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The Freedom Series Builder Annuity1 is a unique and innovative offering within the fixed deferred annuity product category. To help explain how it's different, let's compare the process of buying an annuity to something more familiar - buying a car.

When you're at the lot, a car dealer may try to sell you the fully loaded version of a vehicle when the only thing you want is the base model and air conditioning. After talking to the dealer, you customize your new car to include only the features you want.

Most annuities are sold "fully loaded." Rather than allowing customers to select the features they want - as they do when they're buying a car - most companies sell their annuities 'pre-packaged,' so customers may pay for features they don't really need.

The Builder is different. It starts with a 'stripped down model' offering you the safety benefits of most fixed deferred annuities. Then it gives you the ability to choose from a menu of three additional "modules" that give Builder owners extra privileges in exchange for a reduction in the interest rate they earn on their money.
Module #1
Extra Access
  • Return of premium guarantee
  • Penalty-free withdrawals
Module #2
Extra Care and Protection
  • Access to cash for certain serious health conditions
Module #3
Extra Assurance
  • Allows for account value withdrawal if interest rate drops below a minimum threshold
The transparent modular design allows buyers to understand exactly how the options they choose affect the rate their annuity will earn. The result is that Builder owners have more control over the design and price of their annuities when compared to pre-packaged annuities sold by competitors.

In designing the Builder, we have provided the transparency and choice that we all want as we take responsibility and control for our retirement savings strategies.

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1Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston, a Liberty Mutual company, issues Freedom Series Builder Annuity on policy forms SPDA-2010023, ICC10-SPDA-2010023 as applicable (SPDA-2010023 NY in New York) and state variations identified by state code. Product availability may vary by state. Features and benefits may vary based on state approval.