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Managing Family Fitness

Building Exercise into Your Family Routine

  • Be Active

    Picabo Street is not only an Olympic gold medalist, she's a mom in search of balance between family and exercise. As a professional athlete, Picabo's job included a rigorous workout schedule. Now, she incorporates fitness into her family routine.

    Be Active Tips

    Personal exercise:

    • Put a fitness routine on the calendar
    • Create a space at home for fitness
    • Find a workout buddy
    • Celebrate success
    • Make a plan that you can stick to
    • Ask for help

    Family exercise:

    • Be the example for your family
    • Adapt for different age groups
    • Make exercise a learning opportunity
    • Tap into their sports passion
    • Make it fun

    Managing A Change In Routine
    Picabo points out exercise changed a lot for her when she retired from being an active athlete and became a mom. "The whole concept of exercise changed for me. Knowing that I can't get to the gym and I'm not going to take that time anymore, I have to come up with something to do every day within my home to feel like I've done something to keep myself healthy."

    Picabo stresses the importance of making home an exercise zone. She identifies exercises that can be done anywhere at home. "I do calisthenics, like sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, 'burpees,' and hard core stomach routines."

    How To Incorporate The Kids
    Picabo takes advantage of her active family to keep herself in shape. "My kids are pretty active on their own, so I participate with them and that's how I get my exercise." The family will run football patterns, play volleyball, and improvise with the younger kids. "We will run wind sprints and have races. The kids love to compete." Picabo understands the challenge of managing an age gap with the kids. She focuses on play rather than exercise with the younger kids.

    Picabo talks specifically about fitness with the older boys. "We talk about what stabilizes your body and how important it is to have your stomach and your back strong because that's the stabilization for everything that you might do."

    Facing The Fitness Challenge Head On
    When it comes to finding the time to exercise, Picabo stresses that it is important to find an exercise routine that suits you and ask for help when needed. While a personal trainer can help you achieve these goals, finding a friend to become your "workout buddy" can be just as helpful. She suggests making a pact to go to the gym with your buddy and holding each other accountable to achieve your fitness goals within a tight schedule.

    "I know that working out and staying fit is a challenge for everybody. I know it's more of a challenge for moms like me who have a bunch of kids and a busy schedule, especially if you work," Picabo says. "I think what's most important is how you plan an approach getting fitness into your life."

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