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Healthy Family Food Habits

Raising A Family With Healthy Food Habits

  • Be Healthy

    Picabo Street is not only an Olympic gold medalist, she's a mom who is challenged with raising a family with healthy food habits. Picabo knows from being a world class athlete how important good nutrition is. So how does she incorporate this into her busy family life? Picabo shares the importance of healthy eating and tips for getting her family the nutrition they need.

    Be Healthy Tips


    • Manage healthy food to the week
      not the day
    • Teach your kids early
    • "Sneak" veggies into smoothies
    • Add veggies to scrambled eggs
    • Finely chop veggies in sauces
    • Tell them how "food is fuel"

    Family tips:

    • Set the example with healthy eating
    • Cook together
    • Spend time around the table
    • Slow down when eating
    • Make meal time meaningful

    Plan For The Week
    When she first became a mom, Picabo worried about the amount of nutrition her baby received every day. Now the mother of four children, she focuses on whether or not her children are getting what they need over the course of a week. If Picabo notices a deficit somewhere, she finds a way to fill it. Today, one of the ways she fills the gap is sneaking fruits and vegetables into their food. Picabo tells us "Smoothies are a great way to get fruits and veggies in because you can just plop it in there and it disappears with the taste. The taste of spinach will disappear within the pineapple."

    Set The Example
    As a mom, Picabo cares a lot about whether or not her children have good eating habits. "It's very important to me." For Picabo the best way to bring her kids on board is to start the conversation early and to set the example. "One of the first things I do is have good eating habits myself."

    Engage Your Kids In the Kitchen
    Picabo tells us her kids have the desire to help her in the kitchen. She explains "I use this as an opportunity to teach them about nutrition so we can grow together in our relationship with food."

    Picabo is honest and acknowledges it's not easy to slow down and teach when trying to whip up a meal in the kitchen. It's a process that can be tedious at times, but worth it as a parent to spend that extra minute to teach your children about healthy food.

    Make Mealtime Meaningful
    Sitting down and eating together as a family reinforces healthy eating habits and provides quality family time. It's an opportunity to ask your children about their friends, school work or interests. For Picabo, "Dinnertime in our home is a safe place. We try and make it a spot where people can share and talk about their wants and needs, about their concerns, and maybe ask for something to either change within the family or tell us about something they enjoy."

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