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Igniting Family Motivation

Activate Family Motivation by Discovering Their Interests

  • Be Inspired

    Picabo Street is not only an Olympic gold medalist, she's a mom striving to inspire her children to achieve their goals. Picabo set her sights on Olympic gold at age 10. She now shares why it's important to find inspiration and how she discovered what inspires her children to succeed as well.

    Be Inspired Tips

    Discover their passions:

    • Share your passion
    • Offer options
    • Ask questions about
      their interests
    • Watch for what interests them
    • Listen
    • Be engaged
    • Enjoy the journey
    • Support their dreams

    Practice what you preach:

    • Find your inspiration
    • Share stories of your personal accomplishments
    • Make goal setting realistic
      and relatable
    • Set goals as a family
    • Set goals with children individually
    • Be open to their passion

    Discovering Your Children's Passion
    According to Picabo, there are two important rules for parents to keeping kids motivated: Don't judge what your children want to do, and support them once they have found what they are interested in. If your child needs help finding something that inspires them, providing options is a place to start.

    "If they're not motivated, and they're not fired up, and there's nothing out there on the table, you've got to discover it," she says. "I think the way you motivate anyone is by finding out what they're passionate about. What do they like? What are they interested in?" Picabo suggests going to a store, and ask your kids to pick out a magazine and then see what subject they choose. If one of Picabo's children becomes interested in something that she doesn't know much about, she adds that it helped her to learn about it as well. "If they're into something you're not into, you'd better get busy figuring it out. If they're really into it, and they really like it, they're probably going to go for it," She says. "And the sooner you get onboard in figuring it out, too, the better your journey's going to be together."

    Chart A Course With Your Family
    Picabo uses familiar tools to help communicate goal-setting with her children. She talks about the road ahead when her family is in the car together planning a trip with the vehicle's GPS."What is your GPS set to? Where are you headed? Do you have your GPS set on something successful?" she says. "This opens up the conversation to talk to about where they're headed, and it's in a language that they can get because it's technology that they're dealing with on a daily basis."

    Keep Reasonable Expectations For You And Your Kids
    Picabo works hard to find the balance between her own expectations as an individual and her expectations of her family.

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