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Save on the insurance more organizations trust.

Why do more organizations trust Liberty Mutual Insurance more than any other insurer?
First, we have a variety of options to help you get back on the road or back in your home as quickly as possible. Second, we offer the strength, stability and resources of a Fortune 100 company. And, our auto and homeowners insurance provides some of the most innovative benefits anywhere.

Our auto insurance offers benefits such as:

  • New Car Replacement1, which pays you the money to buy a brand new car (not just the depreciated value), if your new vehicle is totaled in the first year of ownership.
  • Accident Forgiveness2, which ensures your premium wont increase because of your first accident (if you qualify).

If you have a covered loss, our homeowners insurance provides for:

  • Additional Living Expenses, if your home is damaged to the point where its unsafe to stay there.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Repairs, if your home requires immediate attention to prevent further damage.

One more benefit? Exclusive savings through your organization.

Your affiliation could entitle you to save hundreds on your auto insurance. And if you combine your auto and home insurance with us, you could save even more3. How much? Start your free quote now and see for yourself.