At Liberty Mutual Insurance, our commitment to responsibility runs deep. For over 100 years, we've been dedicated to helping our customers live safer, more secure lives. We're with you every step of the way, helping to protect the things that mean the most to you.

Since 2008, the Responsibility Project has been a place to think about and discuss what it means to do the right thing. And while the project is coming to an end, our commitment to responsibility remains. The spirit of the Responsibility Project lives on in our commitment to our customers and has informed how we communicate with you. We work hard to provide information you can use to keep your family safe and healthy.

Videos from the Responsibility Project are still available on YouTube, and in our blog, The Torch, you'll find practical tips to improve your life and help you protect your home, your car, and your family. We've filled the section with advice to keep you and your family healthy, active, and inspired. And that's not all. You'll find useful information throughout to help you face life's challenges, both expected and unexpected — everything from preparing for winter storms to teaching your teen to drive.

Our Blog: The Torch
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