By Julie Bawden-Davis
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In spring, as you clean out clutter and remove cobwebs from corners, take the opportunity to also inventory your possessions. Spending the time now organizing, cataloging and protecting your personal property frees you up to enjoy the season's warm weather and longer days. The following spring cleaning checklist will help you organize and inventory your home, preparing you for whatever life has to offer.

1. Purge
Chances are unwanted items crept into your home over the past year and are taking up precious space. While some of the materials should obviously be tossed, you'll likely find items you can donate to a worthy cause. List the donation items and their estimated worth for tax purposes and then set them out of the way.

2. Improve organization
You may find while purging that certain areas of your house or specific items are not well-organized. Take a close look where clutter reigns in your home and consider adding organization tools. For instance, if you tend to stack paperwork that you need to address and then find yourself sifting through piles when it's time to pay your insurance bill or consult a party invitation, file the paperwork in a portable filing system or labeled stackable trays.

Organizing your home is also likely to improve your finances, as it helps guarantee that no financial obligations are forgotten, and you may even find valuable receipts for tax purposes or forgotten gems like gift cards.

3. Inventory
While organizing your belongings, also protect your investment and do a home inventory. Having on hand thorough and accurate records of your possessions and property in case of loss or theft makes the recovery process run more smoothly.

Thanks to technology, there are a wide variety of ways to easily and quickly record and catalog your personal property, such as The Home Gallery® app for iPhone and Android. This comprehensive tool enables you to perform all of the tasks necessary when completing a home inventory, such as taking photos and cataloging items by room and category. The app also allows you to snap images of receipts and track belongings in multiple properties. You can browse a gallery of your belongings in the database and easily add new purchases and acquisitions.

4. Record everything
When performing the inventory, be as thorough as possible. This is especially important in the event of a total loss. In addition to recording the existence of valuable items like jewelry, family heirlooms and electronics, remember to record everyday belongings that will need to be replaced, such as dishware and clothing.

5. Review your homeowners or renters insurance
Now that you know what you own and how much it's worth is the ideal time to review your insurance policy to see if it accurately covers your current possessions. You may find that you aren't adequately insured or that your policy requires some adjustments. Or you may be relieved to discover that you have just the right amount of home coverage.

Spring cleaning your home and conducting a thorough inventory may take some time, but the resulting peace of mind is well worth the effort.


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