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According to the Liberty Mutual New Beginnings study, 72% of Americans worry they may not have enough money to make a change in their homes and 85% of Millennial say they have financial concerns. Improving your house will not only fill you with pride and love for your home, it may also pay you back if or when it comes time to sell. A few years ago, we tackled a top to bottom kitchen renovation on a tight budget. Although it took some time and hard work, we were able to do a great renovation by following these tips.

Don’t underestimate the power of paint.

Our cabinets were in pretty good condition, but the wood was tired looking and made the kitchen feel dark. Over just one weekend, we spent $80 on primer and paint and got to work painting our upper cabinets a clean white and our lower cabinets navy. This new look and feel modernized our entire kitchen.

New appliances will likely be your biggest expense.
If you plan on replacing all of your appliances, consider doing it in increments. When we renovated our kitchen, we actually replaced our appliances one by one as we saved up.

Explore the world of DIY countertops.
When we moved in, our countertops were a pink laminate. PINK! We used a $20 countertop paint to get rid of the pink initially and that served us well for a whole year until we upgraded the countertops to a beautiful walnut—another cost-effective choice. If wood countertops aren’t your style, research concrete and even laminate has come a long way in the design world.

It’s okay to splurge once in a while.

If you splurge on big things, like countertops or backsplashes, it can add thousands to your bottom line. However, throwing a little extra money to smaller things, like cabinet hardware, might only put you back a couple hundred—which can be money well spent. Since we didn’t replace our cabinets, and only painted them, adding extra nice hardware gave it more of a sophisticated look.

Know when to call in help.
The new pendants over our kitchen counter only cost $99 each, but we had an electrician come install them since it required new junction boxes and wiring. Neither you or your home are worth the risk of what can happen if you try to tackle electrical work yourself if you aren’t experienced in the trade. The same thing goes for plumbing—it’s money well spent to hire a professional when you need one. Some insurance companies, including Liberty Mutual, even offer home insurance discounts on newly renovated homes.

So if you’re dreaming of a new kitchen but feel overwhelmed by the costs, take it a little at a time, DIY what you can, get creative, and start making those dreams become a reality.

Keep an eye out for my next New Beginnings post and join the conversation using the hashtag, #mynewbeginning.


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