By Justin Stoltzfus
Motorcycle Buying Guide
With motorcycle season upon us, it's a popular time to start looking for a new or used bike. When you start your search, look for features and designs that will help keep you safe on the road ahead. Evaluate the following features when you're in the market for a new or used motorcycle:

  • Engine condition. No matter what you buy, you want an engine that's in good condition, both for your safety and your investment. Look for any leaky fluids to spot indications of wear and tear that could turn dangerous, and check for a clean air filter to ensure a used bike has been well-maintained.
  • Brakes. Make sure that the brakes on a used motorcycle are in good condition. If you're shopping for a newer bike, look at extra safety features like anti-lock brake systems (ABS), which are now being added to some bikes, and "intelligent brake lights" that will light up whenever the bike is losing speed, not just when the rider uses the brakes.
  • Mirrors and windshields. Ensure all mirror and windshield surfaces are in good condition when you're buying a used motorcycle. Even a small crack in a mirror or windshield that looks insignificant when you're shopping can make a big difference in your safety on the road.
  • Headlights. Features like fog lights can give a rider better visibility on the road. Oversized or prominent turn signal lights and other indicators can also have a big impact on your safety during your ride. When shopping for a new bike, look for adaptive headlights that actually let you see around a bend better than regular headlights.
  • Suspension. Good suspension not only adds comfort to your ride, it can also help keep you safer. Handling a motorcycle with poor suspension can be a safety issue on the road. Better suspension often means easier handling, which can help in various emergency situations or traffic problems.
Once you've evaluated these important safety features and decided which motorcycle to buy, be sure to get the best gear for your ride, including helmets, grips and protective clothing. Keep your new bike running smoothly with these safety and maintenance tips. Make sure to get a motorcycle insurance policy as well so you're protected for a great season of riding.


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