By Ali Aceto
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Whether you're a traveler, DIYer, boater, bike rider, camper or simply a relaxer, summer is the perfect time to tackle projects and explore new destinations. If you want to make the most of your summer, a little bit of planning can go a long way, regardless of the activity. We're here with experts like DIY handyman and TV star Chip Wade to help you plan a summer that's nothing but smooth sailing both on the road and at home.

"For my family, summer is a time to relax, unwind and be together," says Wade. "But it's also the perfect time to tackle something you've always wanted to do, whether it's taking a cross-country family road trip or taking on that backyard DIY project you've been pushing off."

Over half of Americans are planning a road trip this summer, according to the Liberty Mutual New Beginnings Report, with one-third of those travelers heading to a new destination. Hitting the open road is a great way to bond with family, have fun with friends, or even learn something new about yourself. But one new thing you don't want to learn on your road trip is how to change a flat tire—or how many miles to the nearest mechanic. A simple way to ensure peace of mind on your trip is to sign up for a 24-hour roadside assistance program and keep the number handy.
Checking Air in Tire

While you're away, ensure that your home is protected by taking a few simple steps to prevent burglary before you head out the door:
  • Stop your mail and newspaper deliveries and keep a parked car in the driveway to give the appearance that someone is home.
  • Add motion sensing lights and trim the hedges outside your home to eliminate hiding spots for would-be burglars.
  • Consider installing protective devices such as burglar alarms, which could even lead to savings on your home insurance.
If you aren't planning a trip this summer, you may have some extra time at home to spend on summer projects. According to the New Beginnings report, one-third of Americans are renovating or improving their homes this year, with the vast majority planning to complete the work before autumn. Seven out of ten home renovators hope to complete at least some of the work themselves.

"If you're looking to try a DIY project this summer, a great first step is to clear your schedule to avoid distractions. The best type of DIY project is one you can finish in a timely manner—so, take some time off of work, and think about planning a trip to Grandma's for your kids." says Wade. "Also, if you can, take the time to purchase materials before your scheduled time off. It'll be much easier to dive right in if everything you need is already prepared."

Over the next few months, stay tuned for more tips from Chip Wade and other experts on summer travel tips, home improvement projects, and more.

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