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Auto & Home Programs

With more than 14,000 companies and organizations

  • affinity programs

    • Number 1 sponsored Auto and Home Insurance Program in the U.S.
    • In the Affinity Market for over 40 years, partnering with more than 14,000 companies and organizations
    • Third Largest Property & Casualty writer in the U.S.
    • Multichannel Distribution, including two national sales call centers, a strong online presence and more than 2,200 Liberty Mutual sales reps in over 350 local offices
    • For more information please call: 1-800-260-2169

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    Why is Liberty Mutual #1 in the Affinity market? The answer is simple: ease of implementing our affinity program and exceptional value for employees and members.

    We understand the demands on your time and budget. With Liberty Mutual, you can depend on a dedicated management team, turn-key operations, and custom communications - at no additional cost or administrative burden.

    We also know that your employees and members are looking for the right protection at a fair price. That's why our affinity program offers them quality auto and home coverage, expert advice, and caring service - all at exclusive group savings.

    Benefits for you:

    • Simple and convenient implementation
    • No out-of-pocket costs
    • A dedicated account team that handles the administration, communication, and servicing
    • Custom communications, enrollment program, and materials
    • Optional value-added educational seminars, such as Car Insurance 101 and Identity Theft
    • Quarterly reports to share with leaders