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You could save up to 12% when you buy customized car insurance online1

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We can help you save money on car insurance by getting you the auto insurance discounts you deserve with a policy customized for you. Get your auto insurance quote in minutes and see why your friends and neighbors have trusted us for over 100 years!

Want more savings? We offer digital tools like RightTrack® and our mobile app to help you save money and manage your policy 24/7. See how much you can save when you only pay for what you need.
Customized car insurance
You can save when you only pay for what you need.
We'll help you find the discounts you qualify for.
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Helping insure the things you love for over 100 years!

Save money with these car insurance discounts

Switch to Liberty Mutual for car insurance and you could save over $7002
Violation-Free Discount

Great drivers are made, not born. You'll get a discount if your driving history is violation-free.2

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Multi-Car Discount

The more cars you insure with Liberty Mutual, the more you can save on your premium.3

Learn about Multi-Car Discounts and more

Instantly receive a 10% discount when you enroll. Complete the program and you could save up to 30% on your policy for safe driving behavior.4

Save with our safe driver program
These are just a few of the ways Liberty Mutual can help you save on your car insurance costs. It's always a good idea to make sure you check out all of your options for vehicle insurance, so you get what you need.

Bundle your insurance,
more like bundle of savings!

You could save over $950 when you bundle your auto and home insurance with Liberty Mutual!5 But that's not all. You can save by bundling other products from renters to auto, to RV to boat. We can help you get the insurance you need at a great price!

We also make it fast and easy for you to get a quote. Check out why people have trusted us with their insurance needs for over 100 years!
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Customized car insurance
coverage built for you

We'll help you find the coverage that's best for you so you're confident you have the protection you need. Getting the right vehicle insurance is important and we can help.

Liability coverages

These required coverages are set by the state you live in. These help pay for damages and/or injuries you may cause for being at fault for an accident.

Vehicle coverages

Also known as Comprehensive and Collision Coverage, these are specific to each vehicle. These coverages help pay for damage to your car regardless of fault. In some cases, if you have a loan, you may be required to have these.

Optional coverages

These coverages can add an extra layer of protection. From help with breakdowns, rental car reimbursement, to reducing your out-of-pocket costs, you can customize your policy to fit your needs.

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Why choose Liberty Mutual for
car insurance?

Rated "A" (Excellent) financial by A.M. Best Company, we've been helping people like you protect what they love for over 100 years!6

Savings? We've got those too! You could save over $950 when you bundle your auto and home insurance.5

Start your quote today, to see how much you could save on auto insurance when you only pay for what you need.
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