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Identity Theft Insurance

Customized insurance you can add to your property policy

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What does identity theft insurance cover?

  • Lost documented wages from an employer.
  • Attorney fees.
  • Loan reapplication fees if your first application was rejected due to fraud.
  • Personal assistance to help you monitor your credit and mediate between you and creditors.

We customize your insurance so you only pay for what you need.

Is identity theft protection worth it?

Just like any other type of insurance you might have, the cost of not having identity theft insurance far exceeds the cost of your premium.

The potential monetary loss, legal fees, and stress caused by your identity being stolen can impact your life and stability in a significant way. In a time when personal information is so vulnerable, it makes sense to set yourself up with protection for the worst case scenario.

How does identity theft happen?

Common methods include:

  • “Dumpster diving” in trash bins for credit card statements.
  • Stealing from unlocked mailboxes to get pre-approved credit offers and newly issued credit cards, utility bills, bank and credit card statements, investment reports, insurance statements, benefits documents, or tax information.
  • Fraudulently accessing credit files by posing as a loan officer, employer, or landlord.
  • Stealing personal data from online sources, such as public records and fee-based information sites.

How to reduce your risk of identity theft

Reduce your risk by doing 3 things considered the most important for preventing identity theft.


Check your credit

Check your credit report twice a year. Be sure to not just skim it, or you could miss something.

Monitor your credit

Sign up with a credit monitoring service that will alert you to new or strange activity.

Know your records

Periodically check personal records, such as your DMV file.