Home, condo, and renters claims can vary in severity—from minor theft to major storm damage. When you’re filing one of these claims, please follow the guidelines below:
Make Sure Your Home Is Safe
If you need emergency services, such as removing water or covering your roof, we’ll help you choose an emergency service company.

If your home is unlivable, we’ll do our best to provide you with temporary housing until your home is repaired. Call 1-800-225-2467 for help.
File the Claim
Once your home is safe, you can file a claim online, over the phone, or through the Liberty Mutual app. You’ll need to provide some basic information:
+More Information-More InformationMore Information
  • What caused the incident
  • Approximate date of incident
  • Description of the damage to your home
  • List of damaged or missing personal items
Schedule Your Damage Review With Us
After you file the claim, we’ll need to review your damage so we can give you an estimate. A Claims Representative will contact you to discuss your damage review options.
+More Information-More InformationMore Information
  • In-person review - A Claim Representative will come to your home.
  • RealTime ReviewTM - If your claim is eligible, a Claims Representative can view your property remotely by video chat.
  • Over the phone review - You'll speak directly with a Claims Representative.

You can help us by taking photos of the damage and uploading them to your . We also encourage you to upload any receipts of damaged or missing items, as well as a complete list of those items.
Complete Your Claim
Once your claim has been processed and approved, we'll work with you to pay for your damages and get you back on your feet.
Want to Track Your Claim?
Checking the status of your claim is quick and easy. Simply visit your online account to learn the next step in the claims process, send us photos and documents, view payment details, and more.