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Where insurance meets real life. We’re here to share answers and guidance to help you navigate through some of life’s more complicated choices when it comes to your insurance (and more).

Car Insurance 101 undefined

Woman with her car about to go for a run
While it can seem arbitrary, there are actual reasons you can see your price go up and down.
Safe driver with both hands on the wheel
Playing defense is a crucial part of safe driving. At its heart, defensive driving is made up of practices you should use every time you get behind the wheel.
Two cars that have just collided in an accident
5 important things you should do immediately if you’re in an accident.
Man considering stealing a car
Here are some tips to help you recover quickly from the situation.

Car Buying undefined

Couple with keys to a new car
Buying a new car? These tips will ensure you don’t pay more than you need.
Man taking the keys to the car he just bought
Arm yourself with information to make choosing (and buying) the right used car a worry-free process.
Car keys being handed to new owner
Find the information you need to help decide how and where to sell your car, the value, and what to do about car insurance after you sell.

Teen Drivers undefined

Father teaching his teenage son to drive
One of the best ways to make your teen a better driver is to make yourself a better driving coach.
Father handing his teenage son keys to a car
A new driver might mean a new set of wheels. Beware of these 3 common mistakes before you buy a car for your teenager.
Father who is proud of his son for driving safely
It’s true, adding a teen driver to your auto policy will likely increase your premium. Check out the best ways for you and your teenage driver to keep your cost from spiking.
Person clearing off the windshield of their car
Winter weather can make safe driving a challenge. Keep your teen (and yourself) safe with these winter driving tips.
Teenager practicing parking with a driving instructor.
Statistics prove that when parents follow these strategies and help set their teenagers up for success on the road, teens drive more safely.

Property Insurance 101 undefined

Couple greeting their homeshare host
Sharing your home for extra income? You'll want to read this.
Couple unpacking in their new apartment
Let's clear up anything you still might be wondering about getting a renters insurance policy.
Couple admiring an engagement ring
Keep your valuables and personal property fully covered.
woman in antique shop holding an ipad
The best way to protect your valuable antiques or collectibles is to get the proper paperwork to document how much your collection is worth.
sunglasses, necklaces and jewelry being pulled out of a drawer
If you have a collection of antiques, artwork, or other valuables in your home, you may need to take special precautions to keep these treasured possessions safe.
two people reviewing documents
Don't fall victim to a dishonest contractor. Know how to protect yourself and how to hire reputable workers.

Moving undefined

Woman preparing her moving checklist
A checklist of to-dos to help you get ahead of packing, moving, and everything in between.
Cat with her owner going to their new home in her carrier
Moving can be a stressful experience for your furry friends. Keep your pets calm while moving by following a few easy steps before, during, and after your move.
Moving truck packed with furniture
Answers to common questions about how to handle your home insurance during a move.

Water Damage undefined

outdoor hose spigot covered in ice
Prevention is your best defense.
water stained ceiling with mold
The key to mold control is moisture control.
roof and gutters frozen in ice
Ice dams occur when melting ice build-up in your roof causes water damage to your interior walls and ceilings.
rain water overflowing blocked gutters
Water damage can be a costly headache. Avoid it by taking these precautions.
empty room with industrial blow dryers
Take these steps if your home has been impacted by water.

Disaster Preparation undefined

Earthquake damage to a road
What you should know to prepare, protect, and recover.
Family in loading their truck to safely evacuate
Making an emergency evacuation plan for your family is simple. Here’s how.
Flashlights, batteries, and other items for a household safety kit 
Having a go bag ready can be a lifesaver in an emergency.
Roof and tree that have been damaged by a hurricane
What to do to prepare and recover from a hurricane.
Person fighting a wildfire
Fire can move incredibly fast and cause devastating damage. Getting your home prepared for a wildfire or housefire can make a difference.

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