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Safe teen driving tips

Statistics prove that when parents follow these strategies and help set their teenagers up for success on the road, teens drive more safely. 

Teenager practicing parking with a driving instructor.

Enroll your teen in driving school
Aside from the basic rules of the road, driver’s education also teaches kids how to drive defensively. Plus, driving school can be fun and cost effective. It allows them to learn with their peers and it can even lower their insurance rate.

Add your teen to your car insurance
Liberty Mutual offers discounts for students who get good grades and take driver’s education classes. The best way to reduce claims and keep costs down — and, most importantly, keep your teen safe — is to set rules and coach them along, even after they pass their driver’s license tests.

Lead by example
Even though a study by Liberty Mutual Insurance found that 91 percent of parents talk while driving and 59 percent text1, it’s never too late to improve your habits. If your teenager sees you taking safety to heart then they might also.

Follow your state’s teen driving laws
Ensure your teen follows your state’s rules for young drivers. In some states, teens cannot drive anyone outside their immediate family during the first six months after getting their license. Most states also restrict nighttime driving hours.2

Discuss the risks of drinking and driving
Set out the explicit rules and consequences if your teen is caught drinking and driving. Talk to them about how to handle a friend who has been drinking and wants to drive. Let them know they can always call you for a ride no matter what.

Eliminate distractions
Cell phones are not the only problem. Friends in the car, music, and not keeping one's eyes on the road in front of them are the main culprits in crashes caused by distracted driving.3 Luckily, technology is available to help eliminate some of these distractions with apps designed to prevent teens from texting and driving. 


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