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What to do after a car accident

5 important things you should do immediately if you're in an accident.

Two cars that have just collided in an accident

1. Try to stay calm
First things first, breathe. Take a moment to assess the situation. It's important to not move if you feel injured or unsafe. The more collected you are, the better you can handle the aftermath.

2. Call 9-1-1 (even if it's minor)
Even in a small accident with no injuries, it's important to call the police immediately. Official police reports are vital to filing your auto insurance claim. It's also important that you stay at the scene. It's actually illegal to leave a scene of an accident until the police have arrived.

3. Take photos of the scene
You'll want to document the entire scene. Take photos of the vehicle damage, property damage, license plates, location markers, and people involved. This will help you remember the incident clearly when submitting your insurance claim.

4. Exchange information and don't place blame
While you should always talk to the other driver to exchange information, you want to make sure to avoid admitting fault, making accusations, or apologizing to them. In some states and situations, simple saying, “I'm sorry” could be considered an admission of legal liability.

5. File a claim with your insurance company
After a car accident, you'll want to file an auto insurance claim as soon as possible. The sooner you call, the sooner your claim can be processed and the better protected you'll be if the other driver claims undocumented injuries or damages. At Liberty Mutual you can file your claim with our app, online, or over the phone.

Accidents happen and can be scary. Nice work learning how you can be prepared by following these 5 steps after you're in an accident. One thing you can do right now to help in the event of an accident is to review your insurance policy and make sure you have the right auto insurance and coverages for what you need.

If you're a Liberty Mutual customer, you can file a claim online in 10 minutes or less.

If you were in an accident with a Liberty Mutual customer, you can file a 3rd party claim online and we'll contact you if more information is needed.

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