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How does a second home insurance policy work?

While your primary place of residence is protected under your homeowners policy, will this coverage extend to your second home?

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Do I need insurance on my second home?

A seasonal, vacation, or rental home won't be covered under your existing homeowners insurance. This is because each home is unique with different factors that go into their policy. This can include things like location, building materials, and more. Additionally, these types of homes can have higher risks so your lender or condo association may require you to have a policy to protect their investment.

How does home insurance work on a second home?

A second home insurance policy works the same as your main homeowners policy. Your rental or seasonal home will be covered for

  • Damage to the structure
  • Personal Liability
  • Personal Property

While you'll need a separate policy, you may be able to keep both policies with one company for additional discounts.

Do I need different types of coverages or limits for my second home vs. my primary residence?

Depending on where a second home is located, you may need specific coverages. This type of policy will cover specific risks named in your policy unique to the location or function.

For example, a lake house or cabin on the water will be considered a higher risk for flooding. Whereas a rental home that is unoccupied for long periods of time may require extra coverage for burglary and theft. Depending on the area and your lenders, flood and earthquake policies may also be required for second home. Your insurance company can help you add these coverages.

How much does a second home insurance policy cost?

Second home insurance policies can be more expensive due to the specialized coverage they provide.

Risk factors that can affect your rate include

  • Location such as a beach property
  • Replacement cost
  • If your home is vacant for long periods of time
  • If it's a rental property

What insurance do I need if I rent my vacation home?

Planning on renting your vacation home?

You may be renting one time or multiple times, but each situation may require additional coverage. For example, a long-term renter may require you to have landlord insurance to protect your home and income.

Contact your insurance company to make sure you have the right coverage for your situation.

Or get a homeowners insurance quote for your second home online.

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