Auto & Home Insurance Program for Associations

Protection and benefits that let your members concentrate on what matters most.

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Benefits of Liberty Mutual plans for your member

Liberty Mutual has the expertise to deliver what your members need most—peace of mind. Your members could save hundreds of dollars on their auto and home insurance with our exclusive group savings, plus get the value and convenience that comes along with all Liberty Mutual policies.

Member savings

  • Specific savings for both auto and home policies with multi-policy discounts when you combine policies
  • Discounts when you pay in full or enroll in EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Customers new to Liberty Mutual & those with new homes qualify for special savings
  • Additional savings for multiple cars, vehicle safety features, hybrid vehicles, and for adding new drivers to an existing policy

Member convenience

Ways to enroll and get quotes:

  • Online
  • Phone

Multiple payment options

  • EFT
  • Recurring credit card
  • Direct billing

Member value

All plans come with additional benefits for home:

  • Loss Forgiveness
  • Personal Property Replacement coverage
  • Contractor Network Referral Program

And benefits for auto:

Benefits for your association

Our dedicated account managers will help set up a marketing strategy and communication plan to best engage your members and meet your association's goals. We offer:

  • Customizable marketing materials, including co-branded websites, email, educational materials, and more
  • Simple enrollment programs customized for your needs Detailed progress reports

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