Lifetime Repair Guarantee

We'll help you find an approved direct repair facility as a result of an accident. Log into your account to schedule an appointment with a shop near you.1

What is the Lifetime Repair Guarantee?

The Lifetime Repair Guarantee is a car repair insurance that eliminates the hassle of fixing your car after an accident. This means that we’ll make the arrangements for your repairs and guarantee them for as long as you own your vehicle, should you choose to have it repaired at one of our 2,000 nationwide Guaranteed Repair Network facilities.
mechanic helping man fix his car

Standard coverage that protects property when you’re at fault

Facilities within the Guaranteed Repair Network have been vetted to ensure that these certified technicians provide the highest-quality repairs and exceptional customer service. We can also pay those within the Guaranteed Repair Network directly, while allowing you to track the progress of your repairs through your online account or the mobile app. Learn more about our Guaranteed Repair Network.

Who’s it right for?

Policyholders looking for a fast and straightforward experience, if and when you need your car repaired.

  • We’ll pay the shop directly for your repairs, minus your deductible.
  • Track the progress of your repairs by logging in to your online eService account for updates on your vehicle's repair status.2

What are the benefits?

Lifetime Repair Guarantee coverage includes:

  • The convenience of more than 2,000 Guaranteed Repair Network locations nationwide and the speed of having your vehicle receive priority status.
  • Repairs that are 100% guaranteed by Liberty Mutual for as long as you own your vehicle.3

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1The property damage must be covered by your policy, and repairs completed by a Guaranteed Repair Network Vendor. Guaranteed Repair Network not available in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. In these states we offer you our Superior Service Program (SSP) program, which is similar to the Guaranteed Repair Network, however, the estimate is completed by a Liberty Mutual appraiser. For more information, speak with your Liberty Mutual Claims Representative.
2Not all services are available in all geographic locations. The terms and conditions of your Liberty Mutual Homeowner Policy and any related endorsements will prevail in the settlement of your claim, and will be subject to a deductible amount, which will be paid by you. You are in no way obligated to use our Guaranteed Repair Network. Additional payments may apply based on terms and conditions of your Liberty Mutual Homeowner Policy and any related endorsements. Roofing replacement warranty: five (5) years on replacement and three (3) years on roof repairs the guarantee is nontransferable and does not extend to upgrades, deviations, and/or additions that you may have elected to include in addition to the claim-related repairs. To ensure the quality, reliability, and integrity of the program, all claim-related repairs assessed by Liberty Mutual’s Adjuster must be completed by the assigned contractor only. Damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper maintenance, or unreasonable use is not covered. Not all services
3Available only at participating facilities.
4Available in all geographic locations. Warranties and deductibles may vary. For more information, contact your claims adjuster.