Mexico Car Insurance

Auto coverage for driving south of the border. Learn more about how and when to temporarily add Mexico Car Insurance to your policy.
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What is Mexico Car Insurance?

Planning a road trip to Mexico? You'll need coverage from an admitted and authorized Mexico Insurer to drive across the border. Our partner, MexPro, offers customizable coverage options to ensure you have the right insurance plan for your trip.
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Why do you need Mexico Car Insurance?

In order to drive in Mexico, it is required that you have an accepted policy in place. Choose coverage from one day to one year.

What to know about Mexican car insurance

Most United States auto insurance policies are invalid or very limited in Mexico. The Border Zone ends approximately 12 to 16 miles from the northern border of Mexico, with some exceptions. If you plan to drive beyond the Border Zone, also known as the Free Trade Zone, you’ll need a Vehicle Temporary Permit (TIP). It is illegal to travel beyond the Border Zone without a TIP. If caught without one, you could be arrested.

What else to consider when driving in Mexico

Signals, signs, and general rules of the road are not always followed, or enforced, the way they are in the U.S. Unpredictable road conditions are par for the course. Take note, highway exits are on the left. Don't drink and drive: getting behind the wheel under the influence isn't just dangerous, it could invalidate your policy in the event of an accident. Depending on where you're headed, gas stations may be few and far between.

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