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Getting Home Insurance Quotes Online

Shopping for Home Insurance Quotes

  • Getting Home Insurance Quotes

    When shopping for home insurance quotes, keep the following factors in mind.

    If you already have a policy and are comparing home insurance quotes, it helps to review your existing home insurance policy for current coverage, limits and deductible amounts.

  • You may want to use your existing figures, or use our convenient Home Coverage Calculator. Either way, make sure your home insurance quotes compare similar amounts of coverage.

  • A key factor to home insurance quotes is the estimated cost of replacing your house. This refers to the cost of replacing the structure (not counting land value) and is not the same as the current tax assessment or market value of your home. In addition, inflation and availability of materials can impact replacement cost.

    Liberty Mutual Home Insurance quotes are designed to capture the current value of your home based on the information you provide, including building materials and other factors. This helps you in obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for your home.

  • You can get home insurance quotes online, over the phone or from one of Liberty Mutual's Local Agents.