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Condominium Insurance

Liberty Mutual Begins Where Your Association Coverage Stops

  • Condominium Insurance

    If you own a condominium, certain common areas of your building are likely covered by your association’s insurance, but the interior of your unit, your personal possessions and liability are not.

    Condominium Insurance You Can Depend On
    If your condo is damaged by a covered loss, you’ll be covered for:

    • Alterations, appliances and fixtures, and improvements that are part of the building unit where you reside
    • Property for which you are responsible under your condo association agreement
    • Other structures such as your shed or garage

    A Liberty Mutual condo policy also protects you against many causes of loss including:

    • Fire, including smoke damage
    • Windstorms, lightening, hail, ice, snow or sleet
    • Theft, vandalism and malicious mischief

    Your policy also provides the following personal liability coverage:

    • Accidental bodily injury caused by you, your immediate family living in your home and even your pets
    • For lawsuits filed against you seeking covered damages
    • For accidental damage you cause to someone’s property
    • For medical bills for someone other than you or your family, who has been in an accident on your property
    • For covered loss assessed by your condo association to each owner

    We'll provide the affordable coverage and personal assistance you need.

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