Balance Annuities

A perfectly balanced future awaits.

family that invested in balance annuities
Striking the right balance between what you want and what you need is an important piece of a retirement plan. Much like planning a vacation, planning for retirement includes determining what you want to spend on certain activities while also ensuring your basic needs are met.

Liberty Life's Freedom Series Balance Annuity1 can help you plan for retirement with the security of knowing your nest egg isn't vulnerable to market fluctuations.

You purchase a Balance Annuity with a one-time premium payment. Because the Balance Annuity is a deferred annuity, it means your annuity value earns interest that won't be taxed until it's withdrawn. And as your interest accumulates, it in turn earns interest, compounding your gains each year. As an added incentive, the Balance Annuity earns an extra 1.00% interest in the contract's first year helping to strike the perfect balance of assurance and growth. Also, account values of $100,000 or more earn additional interest.

While the Balance Annuity provides a stream of income important for your retirement years, it offers additional benefits:

  • Penalty-free access to account values2
  • Withdrawal of account value in the event of certain serious health conditions3
  • A variety of payout options
Find your balance and enjoy your future.

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1 Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston issues Freedom Series Balance Annuity on policy forms SPDA-2010090, ICC10-SPDA-2010090 as applicable (SPDA-2010090 NY in New York) and state variations identified by state code. Product availability may vary by state. Features and benefits may vary based on state approval.

May vary by state. Up to 10% of the beginning-of-year account value may be withdrawn without withdrawal charges. Withdrawals are subject to tax on any gain in the contract and, if taken before age 59½, may be subject to a 10% federal tax penalty. In addition, withdrawals will reduce the death benefit and account value. Clients should consult a tax advisor.

Does not apply to pre-existing conditions. May not be available in all states.