Life Insurance Product Comparison

three people comparing life insurance policies
Life Insurance
Life Insurance
Life Insurance
  • Guaranteed protection at an affordable price
  • Guaranteed, lifelong protection
  • Payments remain level throughout your lifetime
  • Builds cash value
  • Flexibility to adjust your level of coverage and payments
  • Lifelong protection
  • Builds cash value
Death Benefit
  • Guaranteed for the term of your policy
  • Guaranteed for your entire life
  • Guaranteed as long as certain conditions are met
  • Remain level throughout term of policy
  • Remain level throughout your lifetime
  • Flexible
Cash Value
  • N/A
  • Yes
  • Yes
Access to Your Cash
  • No
  • Yes, through loans and withdrawals
  • Yes, through loans and withdrawals
Things to Consider
  • Coverage ends after the term
  • Higher premiums than term insurance
  • Premiums and death benefit are not flexible

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