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Articles & Studies

Information from the Experts on Teen Driving

A new driver faces seemingly countless risky situations as they gain experience behind the wheel. Not only will a new driver be faced with unique situations on the road on a daily basis, they will also be confronted with things like the safe use of technology in cars and drinking and driving scenarios that they've never encountered before. Liberty Mutual and organizations like SADD and the National Safety Council are here to help.

  • Liberty Mutual and SADD

    Liberty Mutual and SADD
    Since 1991, Liberty Mutual and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) have worked together to promote responsible behavior through open communication between teens and parents. Here you'll find studies and resources on topics such as drinking and driving and the risks of events such as prom night, as well as tips for teen drivers and how to open the lines of communication between teens and parents.

  • 2013 Report on Teen Drivers and Distracted Driving

    2013 Report on Teen Drivers and Distracted Driving
    A new survey of teenage driving habits found that teens may also have different definitions than their parents and experts on what it means to drive safely.

  • Texting and Driving

    Texting and Driving
    More teens are using cell phones now than ever before. Though cell phones are extremely useful in terms of calling for help should a teen be involved in an accident, in many cases it's the phones themselves that lead to those accidents.

  • Distracted Driving

    Distracted Driving
    Cell phones aren't the only potential distraction riding in the car with teens. GPS devices, MP3 players, and teenage passengers all contribute to distracting teens from what their main focus should be: the road ahead.