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Types of Car Insurance Claims

Some claims are more complicated than others.

While the auto claims process can be straightforward for most, sometimes claims can get complicated. We’ll do everything we can to help you through the process.

Total Loss Claims
If your car has sustained so much damage that the cost to repair it exceeds the limits in your state, or your vehicle was stolen and not recovered, you could be dealing with what we call a "total loss" claim. If your Claims Representative lets you know that your car is a total loss:

  • You will receive a package via UPS with a packet of information for you to fill out. It’s best to start working on the forms right away.
  • Liberty Mutual will inspect the car to confirm that it is a total loss situation and a Claims Representative will call you to discuss the value of your car.
  • Once you send us back the completed forms, we will issue your payment and send it to you via UPS.
Personal Injury Protection / Medical Payment Claims
If you are injured in an auto accident and your injuries are covered under the Personal Injury Protection in your auto insurance policy, Liberty Mutual will work directly with your health provider to ensure that your medical bills are paid in an efficient and timely manner.

A special note to our NJ Liberty Mutual Policyholders.
Notice About PIP and MedPay Payments

Not at Fault Accidents
If your vehicle is damaged by someone else and you have filed a claim with us, your Claims Representative will communicate with the other insurance company to find out whether they have accepted 100% responsibility for the claim. You can choose to either pursue your claim directly through the other insurance company, or continue the process with Liberty Mutual to help ensure that you are compensated fully.

Liability Claims
Whether you believe you are at fault or not, you may have a liability claim made against you. If that ever happens, a specialized Liberty Mutual Claims team will be assigned to handle the claim being made against you. That team will investigate the accident to determine who was at fault and how much you could be held responsible (if at all). Liability laws vary by state, so different conditions apply, but no matter what, Liberty Mutual will work with you to help resolve the claim fairly, including providing a legal defense if a lawsuit is filed against you (up to and until your policy limits are reached through the payment of a judgment or settlement).